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November 1

"It´s A Spiritual Thing..."
promo "SEXESS" 7.11. Wien WUK museum
Two Pigs Under One Umbrella 21.11. Fluc Vienna

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)GIORGIO MORODER"Evolution"(Roger Sanchez Extraterrestrial Mix)


3)TWO PIGS UNDER ONE UMBRELLA"Techniques Of Pleasure"(2015)

4)THE PASSAGE"Shave Your Head"(Peel Sessions/1980)

5)ROMAN LIESKE Presents NAMSELA"Isolate"(12"/Original Version/BeatFreak)

6)THE HUMAN LEAGUE"Being Boiled"(Peel Sessions Version 2)

7)MUNDO AZUL"Sereia"(12"/Orig.Club Mix/2001)

8)REGRESSVERBOT"Kids Of December"

9)MOUSSE T. Ft.EMMA LANFORD"Fire"(12"/Explosive Mix/PepperMint)

10)ANN-MARGRET"Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

11)FUNK MACHINE"Let´s The Party Started"(12"/Club Mix/1992/Flying)

12)HEAVEN 17"Play To Win"(Demo Version)

13)MISC."Grey Noises"(12"/Version B/Sender)

14)DEVO"Girl U Want"(Black Light Odyssey Mix)

15)JEFF KUTASH & THE DANCING MACHINE"Disco Bones"(LP/1980/Casablanca)

16)JUMBO"Take It Light(Get That Mojo Working Day And Night)"(12"/Long Vocal/1980)

17)KERRIER DISTRICT"Disco Bus"(3xEP/2004/Rephlex)

18)INNER CITY"Paradise"(12"/Megamix Version)

19)LIL LOUIS"French Kiss"(Split-12"/2007 Edit/ChicagoClassics)

20)OUR DAUGHTERS WEDDING"Elevate Her"(Long Version/1982)

21)HOT LUV"You Do It Right"(12"/Long Version/1984/RamsHorn)


23)SHALAMAR"Right In The Socket"(Split-12"/The Man Friday Remix)


25)ALEXANDER HOPE"Saturdays"(12"/Blaze´s Saturday Nite Mix/1993/EasyStreet)

26)M & W BAND"Danger"(1978)

27)HE SAID"Not A Soul"(LP/"Take Care"/1988/Mute)