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Dez. V

Claro! a happy new year

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)RAIMUNDA NAVARRO”Te Amo”(2xLP/VA/”Warehouse Raves 1”/1989/Rumour)
2)GLORIA GAYNOR”Anybody Wanna Party”(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
3)SOUL IBERICA BAND”Funky Flamenco(When Philly Goes To Barcelona)”(3xLP/VA/
“The Best Disco In Town”/1977/Atlantic)
4)MODELDUCHENNE”Ongoing Data”(Demo 2015)
5)VAN McCOY”The Hustle/Love Is The Answer/Soul Cha Cha”(12”/VA/Mix By Steve
6)HASHIM”Al Naafiyish/The Soul”(Cutting Records)
7)NATHAN FARE”Outhouse”(12”/Flippymix/2003/BorderCommunity)
8)THIS IS THE BRIDGE”Fuck The 80s!”(2015)
9)SPK”High Tension”(12”/Extended Version/1984)
10)PHYLLIS HYMAN”Under Your Soul”(GR)
11)TUXEDOMOON”Fifth Column/Tritone(Musica Diablo)”(LP/”Half-Mute”/80/Ralph)
12)THE REESE PROJECT”Free At Last”(12”/Groove Corporation Mix/1993/KMS-Network)

13)AMANT”If There´s Love”(GR)
14)ASHFORD & SIMPSON”Solid”(12”/Remix By Francois Kevorkian/1984)
15)BONNIE POINTER”Sugar Honey Bunch(I Can´t Help Myself)”(GR)
16)FURRY PHREAKS Ft.TERRA DEVA”Want Me(Like Water)”(12”/Deepmix/L.F.S.F.
17)M.BASIC(SANDY MARTON)”Ok Run”(12”/Long Version/1983)
18)MODERN ENGLISH”Sixteen Days/Just A Thought”(LP/”Mesh & Lace”/1984/4AD)
19)QUANDO & SPARKY”The Disco Rock”(1978)
20)EDDIE PEREZ Presents GROOVE SYNDICATE”Going Sundays”(EP/Part II/97/Shelter)
21)QX-1”I Won´t Hurt You(I Swear)”(1991)
22)MONOPOL”Sag wer ich bin”(LP/”Weltweit”/1982/Welt-Rekord)
23)DILEMMA”In Spirit”(Technomix)

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