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India’s NewSpace Entrepreneurs Series: Interview with Govind Rajan

Dr. Susmita Mohanty, serial space entrepreneur, interviews Govind Rajan in Bangalore.

Govind Rajan (Govind) is a satellite industry veteran. He was Executive Director at Loral Orion and Loral Skynet from 1997-2006 where he headed sales and marketing for South Asia, Central Asia, and East Africa.

Prior to joining Loral, Govind served Hewlett Packard and Forbes, an affiliate of TATA conglomerate in India. He has also been a consultant to various satellite organizations such as Iridium Satellite, RaySat, Availink.

Govind is a co-founder and President at ANIARA, a technology services company providing satellite-based solutions. Aniara has initiated its own small GEO satellite program, called “NexStar” utilizing a new-gen platform called “ATOM” developed jointly by Dauria Aerospace and Aniara. More @