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Roots Edition

tribute to Jimmy Riley

Jimmy Riley "Foundation" all tracks
Elija "Eat Ripe Fruit"

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Love and Devotion
You Stop Loving Me
Sun Again
It's All About Love
Back At One
Desperate Measures
Whose Wisdom
I Want To Be Around
Rescue Me
Grow More
Watch This Sounds
Keep The Faith
Everliving Life
You Are All Trat
Can't Stop Nie
Just Like A River
I'm Staying
Get It While It's Hot
All Tracks from Jimmy Riley taken from the album "Foundation" in Green Lane Music
Power To The People
Love Is In Danger feat Big Zay& Bay e Bass
Do Good In Life
All tracks taken from Elijah´s album "Eat Ripe Fruit released on One Camp/Soulfire Artists (Groove Attack)