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Roots Edition

new releases from Warrior King and Alborosie, more tracks from Elijah

Warrior King: all tracks from the album "The Rootz Warrior"
Alborosie: tracks from the album "Freedom&Fyah"
Elijah:more tracks from the album "Eat Ripe Fruit"

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

His Majesty (He's Worthy)
Stand Up In the Fyah
Rastafari Protect I
Ain't Giving Up
Your Love Is Amazing
I Wouldn't Do That
President Yahya Jammeh
The One For Me (Acoustic Mix)
Same Source
Moonlight Bright
Watching You
Sign of the Times (Swab Dubstep Mix)
All tracks from Warrior King´s album "The Rootz Warrior" released on Rootz Warrior Productions/Irie Sounds International
Can´t Cool
Rocky Road
All tracks from Alborosie´s album "Freedom and Fyah" released on VP Records
Eui Liste
Gun Cry (feat. Terry Lynn)
Granit Dub (feat. Raging Fyah)
All tracks from Elijah´s album "Eat Ripe Fruit" released on One Camp/Soulfire Artists (Groove Attack)