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Roots Edition

warm up for Max Romeo, new release from The Steadytones

Max Romeo´s full album "Father and Sons"
tracks from The Steadytones´ soon coming album "Ride On"

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Valley of Death by Max Romeo
Dem Lie by Rominal
The Love of Money by Max Romeo
Murder by Rominal
Players In My Life by Max Romeo
Dream Boy by Rominal
Imagine by Max Romeo
More Love For The Children by Rominal
My Woman by Max Romeo
Kids Are People Too by Max Romeo and Rominal
Just A Tick Away by Max Romeo feat Jallanzo
What's Wrong With The World? by Rominal
All tracks taken from the album
"Father and Sons" from Max Romeo and Rominal released on Charmax Music
Come on Home
Sugar Brown
Dollar Backpocket
Pussy Cry for Food
News Man
Give It To Me
Don´t Say
Weep & Wail
All They Say
Last Wine
Bank Robber
All tracks taken from the album "Ride On" by The Steadytones released on Gude Zaid Musikproduktionen