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Releases, re-issues and regained treasures. Afro-caribbean, brazil, soul, funk, Viennese jazz

Enjoy a Sunday afternoon with twelve of the finest releases and re-issues of 2015, supplemented with two salsa treasures – the burning BLUE SALSA from the German group Havana released thirty years ago, and a dazzling 1970s salsa with Fernandito & Raulin. 2015 releases come from the brilliant afro-latin-brazil group Bixiga 70, the New York based trombonist Chris Washburn And The Syotos Band, and the outstanding Austrian Jazz formations Mario Rom's Interzone, Kompost3 and Philipp Nykrin's Wire Resistance. In August 2014 died Amadou Balaké. Listen to KÈLÈ BILA from his last album IN CONCLUSION. 2015 was a year with great re-issues. In my selection you will find two tracks form the superb compilation KOUTÉ-JAZZ (Heavenly Sweetness) and four tracks brought back to the audience on 7-inch vinyl. Morris James Williams' CAN WE MELT THE ICE (Traveller Records), Ebu Taylor's splendid afrobeat tune TAMFO NY EKYIR (Mr. Bongo), Ronnie Keaton & Ocen LIners with GOING DOWN FOR THE LAST TIME (Galaxy Sound Co.) and right at the beginning the Cool Creations of St. Maarten with WISH UPON LOVE (Athens Of The North).