Now it´s dark
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Jan II


Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)MAC SAMPLE”House Inspecor”(Glenn Rivera Disco Video Mix)
2)EURYTHMICS”I Did It Just The Same”(12”/OST/”1984”)
3)MAJIK”You Gotta Get Up”
4)DESERT PEARL”Spiritual Sense”(12”/Original Mix/2004)
6)FIRST CHOICE”Double Cross”(2xEP/”Larry Levan´s Paradise Garage”/Salsoul)
7)KANO”Holly Dolly”(12”/Long Version/1980)
8)MILK & SUGAR”Higher & Higher”(12”/Reconstructed Rmx/2000/PictureDisc)
9)WALDEN & FAMILY”Megamix”
10)CABARET VOLTAIRE”Sly Doubt”(LP/”Red Mecca”/1981/RoughTrade)
11)STEEL MIND”Bossman”(1982)
12)D.C.LaRUE”Pounding With Desire”(GlennRivera)
13)THE BRIDES OF FUNKENSTEIN”Disco To Go”(12”/Long Vocal/1978/Atlantic)
14)AA.VV.”Disco Breaks 1”(1981)
15)THE FLIRTS”Danger”(12”/Long Version/1983)
16)AA.VV.”Al Dente Mix”(1984)
17)POLE FOLDER”Salvation On Slavery Sins”(12”/Regenerated Mix/2005)
18)AGA WILK”Party Girl”(2015)
19)TOMORROWS FORE CAST”Gonna Make You Mine”(12”/Bright & Sunny Mix/FourthFloor)
21)FAD GADGET”Saturday Night Special”(LP/”The Fad Gadget Singles”/Diff.Vers./Mute)