Now it´s dark
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Jan IV


Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)WILLIE NINJA”Hot”(12”/Why Because I´m Hot Mix/1994/Nervous)
2)CHOCOLAT´S”Orfeu Negro”(Long Version)
3)105.5 EXPERIENCE”Red Hot New York”(EP/”Rhythm Method”/1993/Hi-Bias)
4)SOIREE”You Keep Me Hangin´On”(GlennRivera)
5)TODD TERRY”Keep On Jumpin´”(12”/Rhythm Masters Thumpin´Mix/1996/Manifesto)
6)LaTOUR”People Are Still Having Sex”(Powerhouse Version)
7)CRYSTAL WATERS”100% Pure Love”(2x12”/VA/Remix By Danny Tenaglia/DMC)
8)”Changes”(LP/OST/”Prom Night”/1980)
9)EDDIE DRENNON & B.B.S.UNLIMITED”Prelude In Fugue”(LP/”Collage”/1975/Bullseye)
10)”Fever Mega Discomix”
11)BODY MOODS”Agitate It”(12”/Club Mix/1993/Bassline)
12)THE WHISPERS”And The Beat Goes On”(Boosted Ext.Remix)
13)ROUNDTREE”Hit On You”(12”/Long Version/1982/Aria)
14)MAXINE SINGLETON”Don´t You Love It”(Long Version)
15)GLASS FAMILY Ft.TAKA BOOM”Mr.DJ You Know How To Make Me Dance”(GlennRivera)
16)”The Boccaccio Mix”(12”/”New Beat Megamix”/Mastermix By Peter Vriends/BCM)
17)SUSAN”I Only Come Out At Night”(12”/Long Version/1981)
18)DANIELLE DAX”Funtime”(LP/”Inky Bloaters”/1987/Awesome)
19)MADLEEN KANE”Cheri”(GlennRivera)
20)EXPLORERS OF THE NILE”We Are All Egyptians”(12”/Long Version/1988/Subway-Antler)
22)CHANNEL X”Rave The Rhythm”(2xLP/VA/”XL-The Second Chapter”/1991)
23)THE MICHAEL ZAGER BAND”Let´s All Chant”(Original Boosted Ext.Mix)
24)STEVIE WONDER”Sir Duke”(7”/1977/Motown)
25)DONNA SUMMER”Love´s Unkind”(GlennRivera)
26)HITHOUSE”Everybody(Got To Get Some”(LP/1989/A.R.S.)