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Feb I

“Live For Today!” - history in dance by sirius&darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)NEON LIES”Can´t Relate”(Promo/2015)
2)ALU”Bitte warten Sie!”(1981)
3)AMANT”New York Nights”(12”/Mix By Luis A.Martinez/1982)
4)WILDFLOWER”Harlem Nocturne”(12”/Mixed By Cory Wade/1977/TK)
5)JONZUN CREW”Pack Jam”(12”/Short Version/1982)
6)SHE PAST AWAY”Kuruvordu Nehir”(LP/”Narin Yalanzik”/2015)
7)PET SHOP BOYS”That´s My Impression”(12”/Discomix/1986)
8)P-FUNK ALL STARS”Hydraulic Pump”(12”/Part 3)
9)THE STEP”Yeah You”(12”/1991/WarpRecords)
10)THE TWO”Love Is Not Enough”(Long Demo Version)
11)BLUE MODERNE”No Us To Borrow”(EP/VA/Edit By Howard Prince/1988/PrimeCuts)
12)MAGNIFIQUE(9xCD/VA/”The Hot Classics Limited Edition Box Set”)
13)SONZ OF SOUL Ft.STEVEN VILLE”Rage Of Survival”(12”/Rokstone Club Edit/1995)
14)LOLA KUMTUS”Reconcliation”(LP/VA/”Young & Cold III”/2015)
15)BASS IS BASE”I Cry”(12”/Crying Dub Mix/1996)
16)FRANTIQUE”Disco Dancer”(LP/1979/PhiladelphiaInt.)
17)ANNE CLARK”Heaven”(12”/Original Version/1985)
18)SOUNDS OF BLACKNESS”Everything´s Gonna Be Alright”(12”/Factory Vocal/1994)
20)DONNA SUMMER”I Don´t Wanna Get Hurt”(12”/Ext.Version/1989)
21)LIPPS INC.”Funkytown”(Sanny-X Remix)
22)FIRST CHOICE”The Player”(12”/The Classic Vocal/1997/D-Vision)
23)CARACAS”Batida”(Long Version/1983)
24)FORREST”Rock The Boat”(12”/VA/HotTracksVersion/1982)