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Feb II

"Scraping Farewell..."
A lot from VA/”Scraping Beats”

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)DAVID BOWIE”Blackstar”(LP/2015)
2)MIKE BATT”Introduction(The Birth Of Number 17)”(LP/”Zero Zero”/1982)
3)THE CURE”Boys Don´t Cry”(Original 12” Longer Ultra Sound Remix)
4)MECO”Theme From Close Encounters”(LP/”Encounters Of Every Kind”/1978/Millenium)
5)LATIMORE”Out To Getcha”(Ext.Rework Groove Edit)
6)VA”For Boys Only”(LP/Acid House Side/1989/Clever)
7)AL HUDSON & THE PARTNERS”You Can Do It”(Maxi Extend Rework Edit)
8)DEE D.JACKSON”Which Way Is Up”(LP/”Thunder & Lightning”/1980/Jupiter)
10)N.Y.PROJECT”Why?”(12”/In Deep Dub/1992/Mondo)
11)MINIMA MORALIA”A Pressing Need”(LP/VA/”Scraping Beats”/2016/ColdBeats)
12)MITO”Unit”(12”/Short Version/1983/Missing)
13)PORTABLE MORLA”Confront The World”(LP/VA/”Scraping Beats”/2016)
14)VA”House Of Fun”(12”/Megamixer Bizzie Bee/DMC)
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