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March I

1st Set regular History of Dance
2nd The Graceful Realness! House and Disco to Work it
event promo: ESCAPE starring Karin Ryina
KiKi House of ViVi 4.3.2016 Club U Künstlerhauspassage

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)NACHT ANALYSE”Scan mich ein”(LP/”Sternentaufe”/2013/Young&Cold)
2)NY PROJECT”Why?”(12”/In Deep Dub/Mondo)
3)MINIMA MORALIA”A Pressing Need”(LP/VA/”Scraping Beats”/2016/ColdBeats)
4)MITO”Unit”(12”/Short Version/1983/Missing)
5)PORTABLE MORLA”Confront The World”(LP/VA/”Scraping Beats”)
6)VA”House Of Fun”(12”/Megamixxer Bizzie Bee/DMC)
7)KUBO”Night Walker”(LP/VA/”Scraping Beats”)
8)DREAMS”Dreams”(2xLP/VA/”Boccaccio-The New Beat Source”/BCM)
9)TEARFUL MOON”Heart Is Fire”(LP/”Scraping Beats”)
10)MUSIC FOR PLEASURE”Slide”(12”/Extended Version/1983)
11)NOI KABAT”Industry”(2xLP/VA/”Crossovers”/2015/0.5)
12)TIMMY THOMAS”Why Can´t We Live Together”(LP/VA/C.S.Tm-Version)
13)GIORGIO MORODER”The Chase”(Extended Boosted Express Rework)
14)NINE FINGERS”In Love”(DJ Linus Mix/1997/Amber)
15)ROLANDE GARROS”Wimbledon”(MC/”Grand Slam”/2015)

A Special Edition For House-Music Lovers And Voguers To Work It Out!
banji boys, barbara tucker, todd terry, diana ross, androgeny, grace jones, kristine w. a.m.o.