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Celebrate The Life

Now its dark radio march IV 2016

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)01B”Alien Race”
3)GWEN McCRAE”Funky Sensation”(Extended Edit/1981)
4)STUDIO 45”Freak It!”(2x12”/Ashley & Mark´s Dirty Disco Days/1999/Azuli)
5)LIONEL RICHIE”All Night Long”(Maxi Ext.Rework)
6)THE SWEET”Sweet F.A.”(LP/”Fanny Adams”/1974)
7)FRANK BOOKER”Dance Woman”(EP/”Floor Jammers Vol.1”/Promo)
8)TEENROCK”Spy Dance”(12”/1983/Bobcat)
9)DAVID BOWIE”Sue(Or In A Season Of Crime)”(LP/”Blackstar”/2015)
10)DJ PIT”Dance Le Chic”(10”/StarskyRecords)
11)DOT DASH”My Night Out Was Great Fun”(2xLP/VA/”Crossovers”/2015/0.5)
12)AT JAZZ Ft.DAWNE B”Harmony”(12”/Little Big Bee Remix/2000/Mant)
12a)Duchenne (untitled demo)
12b)DRAB MAJESTY"Entrance And Exis"
13)RIFIFI”Dr.Acid And Mr.House”(12”/No Drugs Mix/BCM)
14)SET UP SYSTEM”Fairy Dust”(12”/Blastomania Mix/1991/BigTime-XL)
15)KEVIN AVIANCE”Din Daa Daa”(2x12”/Cevin Fisher Mix/1997/Wave)
16)TRANSFIGURE”Fields”(Martial Canterel Remix)
17)”Old Night At Studio 54 Vol.2”(12”/Track B)
19)GODS OF TECHNOLOGY”Stealth”(EP/”808´s & Altered States”/2010/BattleTrax)
20)CHARNIER”Gloomy Sunday”(MC/2015/Wool-E-Tapes)
21)MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT”Ride The Mindway”(LP/”Confessions Of A Knife”/1990/WaxTrax!)
22)SYNTH ALIEN”Look At The Stars”
23)NASH THE SLASH”Children Of The Night”(LP/1981/Dindisc)