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history in dance

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)D.C.LaRUE”Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm”(GlennRiveraDiscoVideoMix)
2)AMANDA LEAR”Fashion Pack(Studio 54)”(12”/Long Version/1979)
3)UDO KIER”Der Adler(Living On Fire)”(12”/Ext.Recut/1985)
4)DONNA SUMMER”Spring Affair”(LP/”Four Seasons Of Love”/1976/Casablanca)
5)WERNER KARLOFF”Trees In The Night”(EP/2016)
6)MITRA MITRA”Metrolumen”(LP/2016/Micromort)
7)TEKNOTIKA”Interview With An Alien”
8)SMOOTH TOUCH”House Of Love(In My House)”(12”/The Raise Your House Mix/1993/StrictlyRhythm)
9)EDDIE AMADOR”House Music”(Original Mix)
10)MARC ALMOND”Bitter Sweet”(12”/Long Version/1988/SomeBizzare)
11)GEORGE MOREL”Every Body Come Together”(Morel´s Groove Mix)
12)THE ORIGINAL TRINIDAD STEEL BAND”Ride Your Pony”(12”/Long Version/1979)
13)ANITA WARD”Ring My Bell”(GlennRiveraRestructureMix)
14)GLORIA GAYNOR”The Last Night”(12”/7th District Radio Mix/2000/DJEmpire)
15)WATERFRONT HOME”Take A Chance On Me”(GR)
16)BOBBY D´AMBROSIO Ft.MICHELLE WEEKS”Moment Of My Life”(12”/Classic Family Dub/1997/Definity)
17)PAUL PARKER”Pushin´Too Hard”(GR)
18)STERLING SAINT JACQUES”Musle Man”(Split-12”/Special Mix/1980/DigIt)
19)SALSOUL ORCHESTRA”Magic Bird Of Fire”(GR)
20)THELMA HOUSTON”Any Way You Like It”(LP/1976/Tamla-Motown)
21)DIANA ROSS”Upside Down”(12”/VA/HotTracksVersion)
22)SOCIAL DISCO CLUB”Let´s All Chant”(12”/Gay Version/HandsOfTime)