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July I

By Sirius&Darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)BEGGAR&CO"(Somebody)Help Me Out"(Greg Wilson Version)
2)DJ TONY V"Keep Jumpin"(EP/"The People Jump"/The Nacturnal Style/1998/TV)
3)SUNSHINE"Take It To The Zoo"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
4)MAN PARRISH Feat. FREEZE FORCE"Boogie Down(Dub)"(LP/1983)
6)KAS PRODUCT"Breakloose"(LP/"Try Out"/1982)
7)MODERN ART"Hello/Goodbye"
8)LIAISONS DANGEREUSES"Avant - A Pres Mars"(LP/1981)
9)CHIC"Le Freak"(GR)
10)LENE LOVIC"Details"(EP/"New Toy"/1981/Stiff)
11)BLACK HEART"Shadows"(LP/"All Is Lost"/2016/Underwaves)
12)NINA HAGEN"Was Es Ist"(LP/"Angstlos"/1983)
13)THE BLUE ORCHIDS"Dumb Magician"
14)DAVID BOWIE"Breaking Glass"(2xLP/"Stage"/1978)
15)MOULINES & PEACHES"Maniac"(EP/"Casablanca Reworks"/2012)
16)HAZEL O´CONNOR"Give Me An Inch"(LP/OST/"Breaking Glass"/1980)
17)SILENT SIGNALS"Waiting For Reaction"
18)GARY NUMAN"M.E."(LP/"Living Ornaments80"/Live Version/BeggarsBanquet)
19)XTRA HUMAN"Feel"(2016)
20)GEORGE KRANZ"Din Daa Daa(Trommeltanz)"(12"/1983/Pool)
21)MACHINE"There But For The Grace Of God"(Synthe Tigers Edit)
22)MUSIC FOR PLEASURE"Warehouse"(LP/"Into The Rain"/1982)
23)CINDY & ROY"Can You Feel It"(Synthe Tigers Disco Dive Bomb)
24)LORRAINE McKANE"You Make Me Feel Brandnew"(12"/VA/Edit By Stephen L.Freeman/HotTracks)
25)DONNA SUMMER"Journey To The Centre Of Your Heart"(Womack Rework)
26)BONNIE FOREMAN"I Want A Man"(Split-12"/Long V./ARS)
27)HEINRICH DRESSEL"Escape From The Hill"(Minimal Home/08)
28)MARILYN MANSON(2xLP/"Mechanical Animals"/TrackA4/1998/WhiteVinyl/Nothing)
29)BLACK HEART(LP/"All Is Lost"/2016/Underwave)