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a serious game

history of dancemusic by dj sirius&darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)BILLY CURRIE”The True Transmission Push”(Fanmade Version)
2)KABBALA”Ashewo Ara”(EP/VA/”The Sound Of Funky Africa Vol.IV”/Supafrico)
3)KANO”Another Life”(Pontchartrain Rework)
4)FRONT 242”Tragedy For You”(12”/Original/PlayItAgainSam)
5)DONNA SUMMER & PATRICK COWLEY”I Feel Love”(Live Version)
6)PRINCE DRED Ft.BUNNY SIGLER”Are You A Freak(Like Me)?”(12”/Joshua´iz Remix)(12”/2003/BlackVinyl)
7)RHYZE”Just How Sweet Is Your Love”(Pied Piper Rework)
8)SKWERL”All Woman”(12”/Original/2007/Defected)
9)YELLO”I Love You”(GlennRiveraRestructureMix)
10)FASHION”Eye Talk”(LP/”Twilight Of Idols”/1984)
11)LOUIS BENEDETTI”Doin´ Da Boogie”(12”/Alternative Mix/ProgCity)
13)STRETCH”Why Did You Do It”(12”/One-Two Jazz Mix/1985/DumDum)
14)FENATI With The MUNICH MACHINE”Moto Perpetho”
15)THE NEW VENTURES”Moonlight Serenade”(LP/”Rocky Road”/1976)
16)JOHN FOXX”This Jungle”(7”/1981)
17)FEHLFARBEN”Die wilde 13”(LP/”33 Tage in Ketten”/1981/Welt-Rekord)
18)SOFT CELL”Memorabilia”(Kill The DJ Edit)
19)DEEP AURAL PENETRATION”Though Is Of A Summer Love”(2xEP/”The Philly”/The Vagabond Mix/1992/Wheel)
20)THE COLD NIGHT”Wings Of Regret”
21)DALIDA”Ca Ma Fait Rever”(LP/Medley/1979)
22)SCRAM”Work Me”(Caffeine Female Mix)
23)KAT MANDU”I Wanna Dance”(12”/Ext.Version/1983/RamsHorn)