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Sep. 1 Paradox Obscur

Paradox Obscur will play live for the first time in Vienna.
We gonna play two trax of the tonight.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

0)PARADOX OBSCUR”Dark Fortress”(EP/”Noir”)
2)QUAZAR”The Underworld”(2xLP/”Seven Stars”/1991/GoBang!)
3)M.N.O.”God Of Abraham”(12”/Remix)
4)BENJI CANDELARIO Presents THE NEW HIPPIE MOVEMENT”The Rhythm”(12”/BC´s Rhythmized Mix/1998/Maxi)
5)CYBOTRON”Cosmic Raindance”(Orig.1981)
6)E”Your Phenomenal Mind”/MAN OR MAN”Acid Hut”(LP/VA/”Blast The Joint!”/CircleCityRecords)
7)SURFACE”Falling In Love”(Ext.Mike & Tess Rework)
8)TOTAL COELO”I Eat Cannibals”(12”/Ext.Version/1983/RadicalChoice)
9)AUX 88”Space Satelites”(LP/”Mad Scientist”/2009)
10)CIRCUIT BREAKER”Frenz-E”(EP/”Experiments In Sounds”/MadeInDetroit)
11)DONNY HATHAWAY & ROBERTA FLACK”Back Together Again”(GlennRiveraRestructureMix)
12)TONES ON TAIL”Shakes”(12”/1984/BeggarsBanquet)
13)BETA EVERS”Black Rubber”(LP/”Body Stimuli”/2008/K6)
14)R.J.´S RULE”Rave This Nation”(12”/People Of All Nations Mix3/1991/ZYX)
15)N.O.I.A.”The Rule To Survive(Looking For Love)”(Long Version)
16)ACID COLONIAE(EP/”Elec.Pt.1”/Track B2/Bunker3061)
17)BOOK OF LOVE”Still Angry”(1986)
18)2 IN A ROOM”Do What You Want”(LP/”Vol.1”/CuttingRecords-BCM/Album Version)
19)BEAT BOX MACHINERY”Back In The 80´s”(EP/2016/Werkstatt)
20)JOE T.VANELLI PROJECT Ft.ALISO LIMERICK”Never Knew”(12”/Da Funk Mix/1998/Kontor)
21)PARADOX OBSCUR”FLesh”(LP/”Anacrusis”/2015)
22)WHITNEY HOUSTON”It´s Not Right But It´s OK”(2x12”/Johnny Vicious Dub)
23)ULTRA NATE”Deeper Love(Missing You)”(12”/Full Vocal Mix/1991)
24)SAMPLE SYNDICATE”I Wanna Make You Dance”(12”/Hip House Mix/1989/RamsHorn)
25)DONNA SUMMER”The Queen Is Back”(LP/”Crayons”/2008)
26)THE HYPNOTIST”Pioneers Of The Warped Groove”(12”/Long Version/Cyclotron/1991)