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Think About The Future

History of Dancemusic by Sirius&Darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)KOBAN"This Pursucit"(Lp/"Abject Obsessions"/2016/Avant!)
2)The Art Of Noisie"Paranoimia"(12"/Re-Mixed by Ben Liebrand/1989)
4)Q-Feel"Dancing In Heaven(Orbital Be - Bop)"(12"/VA/A Jonathan Fearing Edit/Disconet)
5)ROXY MUSIC"Virgina Plain"(Headman Rework)
6)ALIEN SEX FIEND"My Brain Is In The Cupbord"(Lp/"Here Cum Germs"/1987/Plague)
7)ODYSSEY"Inside Out"(Hold Me Inside Ext. Rework)
8)SAM - JAM"Dance And Chant"(12"/Michel Jessome Remix/1979/Les Disques Martin)
9)GINA X"No G.D.M."(Robi Insinna Rework/2016)
10)SAIN"City Boys"(12"/An Edward Colon Mix/Silvercloud)
11)Gloria Gaynor"Anybody Wanna Party"(KMTR Ext. Rework)
12)APHRODISIAC"Song Of The Siren"(12"/Atlantic Mix/1990/Nu Groove)
13)FACE THE BASS"Dance 2 The House"(Club Underground Mix/1992)
14)DEAD OR ALIVE"My Heart Goes Bang"(Ep/VA/"Tonight´s Entertainment"/Remix by A.Martin)
15)PLEASE"You Got The Power"(Ext.Groove Edit)
16)ROCKIE ROBBINS"Miss Dynamite"(Lp/1979/A&M)
17)DANISH"You´re Special"(Nervous Rec.)
18)VICKI SUE ROBINSON"To Sir With Love"(12"/Mixed By Warren Schatz/1983/Profile)
19)SHARON BROWN"I Specialize In Love"(Mike&Tess Rework)
20)UNTIL DECEMBER"Secrets(I Won´t Tell)"(12"/Ext. Version/1986)
21)PARADOX SEQUENZ"Ricordi"(Mc/"Hart Am Limit"/2016/Young And Cold Records)
22)DEAD OR ALIVE"What I Want"(12"/Dance Mix/1983)
23)PRINCE CLUB&STONEHOUSE"The Remedy"(Nervous Records)
24)RONNIE URINI&THE LAST POETS"2010 - The Frozen Seas Of Io"(Lp/"Child Of Sunrise, Creature Of The Moon"/1985/Coma)
25)THOMPSON TWINS"In The Name Of Love"(Railroad Mix)
26)ROBOT"Starting Now"(Lp/"A Discomedy"/1977/PYE)
27)HEUTE"Schlachthof"(Lp/"Keine Ahnung"/Genetic)