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Promo: BRUCH "The Lottery"

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

2)LILLI BERLIN”Dumdidum”(LP/”Süss und erbarmungslos”/1982/Rocktopus)
3)GRANDMASTER FLASH”The Adventure Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Fire”(12”/Long Version/1983/Sugarhill)
4)COATI MUNDI”Que Pasa/Me No Pop I”(12”/Long Version/1980/ZE)
5)ROUNDTREE”Get On Up”(Ext.Dario Piana Edit)
6)RICCARDO CIONI & DJ F.T.BAND”Fog”(2xEP/VA/”Elaste Vol.3”/Ext.Mix)
7)BRUCH”Egg Shaped Moon”(LP/”The Lottery”/2016/CutSurface)
8)THE CRAMPS”Can Your Pussy Do The Dog”(LP/”A Date With Elvis”/1986/BigBeat)
9)KOBAN”Illusion”(LP/”Abject Obsessions”/2016/Avant!)
10)HYMN”Around The Bed”(LP/VA/”Domestic Landscape”/Domestica)
11)IV/AN”Transposition”(LP/”Self And Selfish”/2016/0.5)
12)”Teen Beat”(12”/Track A/1982/Rumble)
13)INSTANT FUNK”I Got My Mind Made Up”(AGlennRiveraRestructureMix)
14)ROGER GRAVEL”Disco-Tango”(LP/1976/Airedale)
15)WINTER SEVERITY INDEX”Athlete”(LP/”Human Taxonomy”/2016/ManicDepression)
16)BRUCH”Philipp Said”(Promo)
17)RICHARD T.BEAR”Sunshine Hotel”(Disco Purrfection Vision)
18)MANUEL DE LEO”Let´s Go Tango”(12”/Special Disco Re-Mix/1983)
20)CURTIS MAYFIELD”No Goodbyes”(LP/”Do It All Night”/1978/Curtom)
21)DEAD OR ALIVE”Brand New Lover”(LP/”Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know”/Album Version/1986)
23)GONZALES”Haven´t Stopped Dancing Yet”(GR)
24)C&C MUSIC FACTORY Ft.FREEDOM WILLIAMS”Here We Go”(12”/Rockin´ In 91 DubNHouse Mix/1991)
25)JOE SIMON”Love Vibration”(I Dif Hot 4 U Rework)
26)LUKE SOLOMON”Demons”(12”/Brennan Green Remix/2008/CrosstownRebels)