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What a headache

history of dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)KATZKAB”Join Us”(10”-EP/2012/SuisterfugeRec.)
2)BOEING”Dance On The Beat”(Sensus So Rework)
3)THE ZANZIBAR PROJECT”Come And Take Me”(12”/Zanzidub Mix/1996/Nervous)
5)LOVE JOURNEY Ft.LATANZA WATERS”So Glad”(12”/Anthem Mix/1999/StrictlyRhythm)
6)TRILITHON”Prayer”(12”/Version 2/Decadance)
7)ELECTRIC THEATRE”The Killer”(12”/Radio Version/1985)
8)NAO KATAFUCHI”Living In My Own World”(LP/”Emergence”/2015/Nadanna)
9)BOOKA SHADE”Triple Identity”(EP/”Mandarine”/GetPhysical)
10)MICHAEL JACKSON”Rock With You”(A Very Special Reeno Mix)
11)SPANKOX”To The Club”(12”/Highpass Club Mix/NU)
12)MAUREEN PARKER”Watcha Do”(12”/Migs Moody Mix/Tilted)
13)SCOTT ALLAN”I Think We´re Alone Now/Will You Love Me Tomorrow”(12”/Mix By Bob Viteritti/1979/TK)
14)PAMALA STANLEY”This Is Hot”(GlennRiveraRestructureMix)
15)SILVER CONVENTION”Dancing In The Aisles”(LP/”Madhouse”/1976/Jupiter)
16)BROADWAY”Take Us On A Ship”(12”/Long Version/1979)
17)KRAFTWERK”Telephone Call”(2xLP/”Ultra Rare Traxx 2”/Razormaid Mix)
18)THELMA HOUSTON”Used To Hold Me So Tight”(Ext.Rework)
20)KILLING JOKE”Turn To Red”
21)FEMMINELLI”A Que Quieres Jugar?”(LP/”Double Invitation”/2012/Desire/WhiteVinyl)
22)BRUCH”Meteorite”(LP/”The Lottery”/2016/CutSurface)
23)NAO KATAFUCHI”The Lonely Kind”(LP/”Emergence”/2015/Nadanna)
24)TINA TURNER”Private Dancer”(GR)
25)PRIMAL SCREAM”Come Together”(12”/The Hypnotone Brain Machine Mix/1990/Creation)