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nonrandom first 2016

throwing shade - hashtag irl [ninja tune]
jessy lanza - it means i love you [hyperdub]
chino amobi - the prisoners of nymphaion / roneqahs theme (vision of judgment) [uno nyc]
rabit and dedekind cut - R&D-ii [ninja tune]
elysia crampton - confessions of a postcarceral feminist
fennesz - mahler remix 2 [touch]
these hidden hands feat. lucrecia dalt - these moments dismantled [hidden hundred]
yves de mey - single patch end [spectrum spools]
venetian snares - can't vote for yourself [timesig]
tangtype - xpokin (németh remix) [sonotope]
iggy pop tarwater alva noto - as adam early in the morning i am he that aches with love [morr]