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Sendung vom 22.04.2016 18:30:

1st Sistah* Slam / 14º Slam Das Minas

slam das minas, the first Brazilian poetry slam for women*, lesbians, and queer women*, and slam a coisa tá preta, 1st Brazilian poetry slam for Black people only, are in Vienna for a special edition: SiSTAH* SLAM at Radio ORANGE 94.0.

We invite the SISTAH*s to share their poems on a special night dedicated to multilingual slamming to and by Black and people of color. It’s on Friday, April 22nd, 18.30h, with live streaming

In cooperation with: Project Bodies of Knowledge - Multiplying Marginalised Subjectivities of Utopia through Art and Storytelling, a project supported by SHIFT and also with Radio ORANGE 94.0