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Roots Edition

releases from Gentleman´s Dub Club and Pantasonics

Gentleman´s Dub Club "Dubtopia"
Pantasonics "Rayos Y Centellas"

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

-) Dancing in the Breeze
-) Let a Little Love
-) Fire in the Hole (feat. Parly B & Eva Lazarus)
-) Gridlock
-) Young Girl (feat. Lady Chann) [Explicit]
-) Hotter
-) Higher Ground
-) Take Control (feat. Taiwan MC)
-) In Your Heart
-) Fade Away
-) Your Light
-) Sun Kissing
All tracks from the album "Dubtopia" from Gentleman's Dub Club released on Easy Star (rough trade)
-) Rayos Y Centellas feat. Umberto Echo
-) Sound That Loves You
-) Belly Dance Girl
-) Lions Den
-) Henkerstanz
-) Rambler
-) Deep in the Jungle
All tracks from the album "Rayos y Centellas" from Pantasonics released on Sfa Distribution (Galileo Music Communication)