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Roots Edition

new releases from Hezron Clarke, Ras Theo, Jamaram

Ras Theo "Timeless"
Hezrn Clarke "The Life I Live" (Soulful Salvation)
Jamaram "Freedom of Screech"

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Greedy Joe
Hands up for Africa
Jah Roar
Gi Dem
Pack up Your Bags
Holy of the Holy
He Is Jah
All tracks from the album "Timeless" from Ras Theo released on Rebel Sound Records
Hello Jamaica
Independent People
Treat Her Better
Taxi Driver
Wild and Free
Poor Mans Cry (Interlude)
All tracks from the album "The Life I Live" from Hezron Clarke released on Hardshield Records
Why Trouble
Spread Some Love
Like A Rock
All songs from the album "Freedom Of Screech" from Jamaram released on Jamaram / Freedom Of Screech