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Roots Edition

new releases Ras Denroy Morgan, Asadenaki, Quartiere Coffee, Passafire, Wally Warning

Ras Denroy Morgan: Muzical Unity
Asadenaki: Living
Quartiere Coffee: Conscience
Passafire: Fireside
Wally Warning: Footsteps

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

A Little More Love feat Coozie Mellers
I'm Addicted
Get Up Stand Up
Where Is The Love
Special Friend feat Coozie Mellers
One Love
All tracks from the album Muzical Unity from Ras Denroy Morgan released on ASAPH / VP Records
Living- Asadenaki released on
Tuff Gang Collective
We Are
In Jamaica
Hey Girl
Take Care
Healing Of The Nations
Road To Zion
All tracks from the album Conscience from Quartiere Coffee released on Pirames International Srl
Fireside from the album Longshot from Passafire released on Easy Star
E Ta Gia Mi
My Music
You And Me
The World Needs Love
All tracks from the album Footsteps from Wally Warning released on Cunucu Records