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Sendung vom 12.12.2017 21:00:

Embrace the Abyss

w/ chra AKA Christina Nemec

Together with chra (aka Christina Nemec) we will talk music and listen closely to her new album „On A Faithfull Morning“ (editions mego). Let us take you to her musical spaces that are at the same time unheimlich, sonorous and like a warm hug.


Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)Crowded Dream - chra - On A Fateful Morning (Edition Mego 2017)
2)Odessatocha - chra - On A Fateful Morning (Edition Mego 2017)
3)Cynthia - Pita & chra - Trost Jukebox Series #5 (Trost Rec. 2016)
4) Octoba - Pasajera Oscura - Below The Radar Special Edition: SHAPE Platform (2015)
5) Terrorvogel(silvia kastel remix) - chra (unreleased)