Now it´s dark
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Now It´s Dark March II

history in dance-music

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)NEW SCENE”Tonight”(1989/BoyRecords)
2)SYLVESTER”Rock The Box”(12”/Dance Version/1984/Megatone)
3)LORRAINE JOHNSON”Feed The Flame”(Scorpio´s Fire Island Remix)
4)K-ALEXI”Don´t Cha Want It”(LP/VA/”Jackmaster VI”/1991/DJInt.)
5)TOYAH”Eye For An Eye(Glowing So True)”
6)DER DRITTE RAUM”Chido Way”(12”/”Mixed Up 1.0”/2006/RSP)
7)SPACE OPERA”Andropolis”(12”/Part 2/1990)
8)”Acid Burn”(LP/VA/”Acid Burns London”/1988)
9)CHAKA KHAN”I Know You(I Live You)”(Scorpio´s Funky Drums Remix)
10)THE BEATMASTERS Ft.THE COOKIE CREW”Rok Da House”(12”/Original V./1989/RhythmKing/PinkSplatteredVinyl)
11)PARADOX SEQUENZ”Too Late”(LP/”Hart am Limit”/2015)
12)PLEASURE & THE BEAST”Dr.Sex”(12”/Long Version/1984)
13)BERNARD FEVER”Sunshine On March”(1977)
14)”!Ay Caridad!”(LP/”Los 12 Excitos Vol.3”)
15)CERRONE”Generique”(LP/OST/”Brigade Mondaine”/1978/Malligator)
16)THE IMMORTALS”The Ultimate Warlord”(Ext.Dark P.Rework)
17)KNOBS”Reality”(EP/”This Reality”/2011/Nachtstrom)
18)LIPPS INC.”Funkytown”(GlennRiveraRestructureMix)
19)THE JACKSONS”Different Kind Of Lady”(LP/”Goin´Places”/1977/Phil.Int.)
20)EDDY GRANT”Do You Feel My Love”(Ext.Chugg Z Edit)
21)SARAH WASHINGTON”Heaven”(12”/JazzNGroove Dub/1996)
23)LENE LOVICH”Blue Hotel”(12”/Dance Mix Edit By Morales & Munzibai/1982/Stiff)
24)GIORGIO”Utopia”(Paul Goodyear Rework)
25)PINK & PURPLE EXPERIENCE”Partyline”(12”/AudioAssault)
27)ELLA FITZGERALD”Anything Goes”(2xLP/”The Cole Porter Songbook”/1956)