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April 1

history of dance by sirius&darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)JEANETTE MacDONALD”San Francisco”
3)LIPPS INC.”Hold Me Down”(LP/”Designer Music”/1982/Casablanca)
4)PETER JACQUES BAND”Fire Night Dance”(GR)
5)MAXIMUM PEAK”Overload”(12”/1992/ESP)
6)J-CAROLL With MOROCCO”Earthquake”(Long Version/Megatone)
7)ON IT”We´re Out Of Control”(LP/VA/”Jackmaster 3”/1989/DJInt.-Westside)
8)HEATWAVE”Boogie Nights”(DJ S Remix)
9)CHRISMA”Black Silk Stockings”(LP/”Chinese Restaurant”/1977/Re-Issue/Medical/OrangeVinyl)
10)TALKING HEADS”Burning Down The House”(Reflex Revision)
11)SHAKE”Parce Que Je T´aime”(7”/1977)
12)PEOPLE´S CHOICE”Do It Anyway You Wanna”(DJ S Mix)
13)ROSACHROM”Ohne Herde”(Mini-LP/”Ausserhalb des Kreises”/1982/Schallter)
14)ESTHER PHILLIPS”Oo Oop Oop”(LP/”Here´s Esther”/1979)
15)SYLVESTER”Dance(Disco Heat)”(12”/Mix By Jim Stern/1978/Fantasy)
16)”Stars On 45 Volume 2”(LP/Track A1/1981)
18)MJ Vs.INDEEP”Last Night”(12”/WhiteLabel)
19)THE HUMAN LEAGUE”Being Bootlegged”
20)HYENAZ Vs.ENA LIND(LP/”Critical Magic Remix”/2016/Springstoff)
21)DEPECHE MODE Vs.PET SHOP BOYS”Never Let You...West End Girls”
22)SHANGHAI”X-Ray Vision”(12”/Ext.Version/1982)
23)THE RORSCHACH GARDEN”Living Under Blocks”(LP/”A Place For The Lost”/2009)
34)EDWARS & ARMANI”Up Your Bum”(12”/Desert Mix/1989/ZYX)
35)MUSIQUE”In The Bush”(GR)
36)ANTONIA RODRIGUEZ”La Bamba”(Split-12”/Ultimix By Les Massengale)