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May 1

history in dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE"Love Machine"(12"/InvasionPlanete)
2)SANDRA BERNHARD"Phone Sex"(12"/The Floor Sex Mix/94)
3)MICHAEL JACKSON"Off The Wall"(Ext. Special Disco Version)
4)PRINCESS DI"Big Dick-Mutha Fucka"(Ep/Who`s Dick Is This?"/1994/Music Station)
5)WATERFRONT HOME"Take A Chance On Me"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix*)
6)JOYCE COBB"Dig The Gold"(7"/1979/Cream)
7)THP"Good To Me"(Dj S Remix)
8)ROBERT BABICZ"Sin"(12"/Original/2007/Systematic)
9)ALAIN DEBRAYLaura"(Disco Version/1976)
10)AMERICAN FADE"I`m Alive(Let`s Move On)"(12"/Long Version/1983/Proto)
11)SKATT BROTHERS"Walk The Night"(Elmambro Remix)
12)V.A."Dutch Acid Mega Mix"(12"/Mixed by Peter Vriends/Flim Flam)
13)MAX BERLIN"We Like Men"(Ep/1978/Melodi)
14)BILLO`s CARACAS BOYS"El Brujo"(Lp/"Billo 78"/1977/TH)
15)HAMILTON BOHANNON"Bohannon Mix"(12"/A Steve Walsh Mix/Passion)
17)SUGAR SHAKE"One Night Stand"(7"/1978)
18)SU KRAMER"Nachts In Manhattan"(7"/1978)
19)RAFFAELLA CARRA"Felicita`Ta`Ta`"(Lp/"Liebelei"/1977)
20)DIANA ROSS&MICHAEL JACKSON"Ease On Down The Road"(12"/French Mix/1978)
21)BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB"Constantly No Respect"(Ep/"28 After"/2006/LoRecords)
22)MADONNA"Everybody"(Digital Visions Version)
23)TC CREW"I Can`t Do It Alone"(12"/Lp Mix/1992/DJ Int)
24)TEMPTATIONS&RICK JAMES"Standing On The Top"(Loshmi Edit)
26)LADY LYNCH"Hommage"(7"/2017/Cut Surface)