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Mai II

History of dance

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)BACCARA"Sorry, I`m A Lady"(7"/1977)
2)BELLE EPOQUE"Miss Broadway"(/"/1977)
3)ORB"A Huge Ever Growing"(12"/Bucket And Stademix/1989/WAU!)
4)KARMA"Spotty Funk"(1977)
5)SILVER CONVENTION"Everybody`s Talking `Bout Love"(/"/1978)
6)GIORGIO"Knights In White Satin/In The Middle Of The Knight"(Lp/1976/Oasis)
7)K.C. AND THE SUNSHINE BAND"Get Down Tonight"(12"/Remix By Rick Finch/Sunny View)
8)Zou Juan Juan"?"(1978)
9)MR. FLAGIO"Take A Chance"(12"/Long Vocal/1983/ZYX)
10)NIL BORAK"Agladimmi Guldümmü"(1980)
11)ORCHESTER VLADIMIR COSMA"Brazillian Mood"(Lp/Ost/L`animal/1977)
12)PETER HENN"Punchy Plum"(7"/1974)
13)THE STOOGES"T.V. Eye"(Lp/"Fun House"/1970)
14)BERURIER NOIR"La Danseuse De L`Orient"(lp/"Souvent Fauche`Toujours Marteau!")
15)NINA HAGEN"Dope Sucks"(Lp/1989)
16)SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES"Hong Kong Garden"(Ep/1978/Peel Sessions)
17)NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS"Lovely Creature"(Lp/"Murder Ballads"/1996/Mute)
18)SHIRLEY BASSEY"Moonraker"(Purrfection Version)
19)BELLE EPOQUE"Bamalama"(Ep/"T.T. Edits Vol.6"/DMO16)
20)TRANCE TRAX"Fuck You!"(1991/Beat Box)
22)CHANGE"Paradise"(Digital Visions)
23)BONEY M."Gotta Go Home"(12"/Long Version/1979)
24)TRACID POSS"Holografic"(Run Time/1991/Overdrive)
25)RYTHM MASTERS"Drama"(12"/Remixed By Ciicco Castelli/Catch22)
26)INSTELLAR OVERDRIVE"Excited"(1991/Man Music)
27)BOYS TOWN GANG"Come And Get Your Love"(12"/Long Version/1982/Ramshorn-Moby Dick)
28)L&O"Megadrome Dyore"(12"/1991/Dyores Underground)
29)CARL BEAN"I Was Born This Way"(12"/Gomit`s Tribute Mix/2005/Westend)
30)LIME"Medley"(Remix By Dj Antonio Corrao)
31)NINO TEMPO&5th AVE. SAX"Hawkeye"(7"/1974/A&M)