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juli III

history of dance

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)GEMEINE GESTEINE"Leipziger Zement"(Lp/"Gruben Sessions 1")
2)THOMAS DOLBY"White City"(12"/1983)
3)LIQUID GOLD"Substute"(GR)
4)ENGLISH EVENINGS"Tear You Down"(Extended Edit)
DIVINE"I´m So Beautiful"(Extended Edit/Disconet)
5)BARBARA DOUST"If You Love Somebody"(12"/Mixed Version/1987/Power)
6)DMX KREW"You´re Not There"(Lp/"Nu Romantix"/1998/Rephlex)
7)THE HUMAN LEAGUE"I Love You Too Much"(Dub Version/1984)
8)IMPEDANCE"Tainted Love"(12"/VA/Saturday Night Special Mix/1989/Hot Tracks)
9)DURAN DURAN"My Own Way"(Dubbing Version/1982)
10)THEO VANESS"Stop It"(Lp/"Back To Music"/1978/Karma)
11)BREAKWATER"Do It Til The Fluid Gets Hot"(1978)
12)WILFRIED"Nights In The City"(12"/Long Version/1978)
13)C&C MUSIC FACTORY"Gonna Make You Sweat"(Hot Tracks Version)
14)GEORGE MC CRAE"Dont You Feel My Love"(12"/Special Disco Remix By Steve Thompson And Michael Arato/1979/Sunshine)
15)CHOCOLATS"Orfeu Negro"(Lp/"Kings Of Clubs"/A Tom Moulton Mix/1977/Sal Soul)
16)THE SOURCE"Rock The House"(2x12"/Hurley House Of Trix Mix/1992/Spot Sound)
17)DONNA SUMMER"Down Deep Inside"(GR)
18)LESLIE O´HARA"Gipsy Boy"(Lp/1978/Crocos)
19)JACKIE MOOR"This Time Baby"(Miko Maurro Edit)
20)MICK JACKSON(Split 12"/Megamix/Black Wax)
21)PETER MOESSERS MUSIC"High"(Long Version/1977)
22)LOU RAWLS"Dollar Green"(Lp/"When You Hear Lou, You´ve Heard It All"/1977/Philadelphia International Records)