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Ready Or Not

history in dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)BURUNDI BLACK(12"/First Part/Remixed By Rusty Egan&J.P. Illiesco/81)
2)DENNIS BROWN"Out Of The Funk"(Ext. Petro Turner Edit)
3)ART OF NOISE"Beat Box"(12"/Diversion One/1983/ZTT)
4)POLA NEGRI"Tango Notturno"
5)CLEVELAND EATON"Bama Boogie Woogie"(12"/1976/Ovation)
6)COLLEEN HEATHER"Magic"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
7)THE EVASIONS"Wikka Wrap"(12"/A Jonathan Fearing Edit/1981/Sam)
8)TALKING HEADS"Psycho Killer"(Dim Zach Edit)
9)"Fell My Love"(Ep/VA/"Disco Dust Jap. Vol.2"/Redsoul Edits)
10)BONEY M"Never Change Lovers"(Dim Zach Edit)
11)FAT BACK"Master Booty"(Lp/"Man With The Band"/1977/Spring)
12)DEPECHE MODE"Never Let Me Down Again"(Edobot Against Club Rmx)
13)LAURA BRANIGAN"Self Control"(Longer Ultra Traxx Mix)
14)BB&Q Band"On The Beat"(12"/87 Bronx Mix/Street Heat)
15)MIDGE URE"If I Was"(Ext. Ultra Traxx Mix)
16)ATAHUALPA"Ultimo Imperio"(12"/Long Original/1990/DFC)
17)ALPHAVILLE"Big In Japan"(Dim Zach Edit)
18)BOB SINCLAR"Slave Nation"(12"/Mixed by Julien Jabre/2003/Africanism)
19)THE FLIRTS"Voulez Vous"(Ultra Traxx Remix)
20)FPI PROJECT"Everybody(All Over The World)"(12"/White Version/Rumour)
21)MADONNA"Burning Up"(Ext. Ultratraxx Running Mix)
22)HOUSE OF GYPSIES"Sume Sigh Say"(12"/Tee´s Ultimate Mix/Sound Design)