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Sep. II

Monkey Business

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Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)ANEKA"Japanese Boy"(12"/An Endless Musicmix By Rusty Garner/1/Hand Shake)
2)PENNY MC LEAN"1-2-3-4-Fire!"(Ext. Version)
3)ANDRE HELLER"Ich Fordere"(Lp/"Stationen"/72/76)
4)DONNA SUMMER"Now I Need You"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
5)THE ACID BOYZ"We Don´t Exist"(Lp/VA/"The Acid Mixes Vol.1"/88/Premiere)
6)DWIGHT THOMPSON BAND"Hypocrisy"(1975)
7)MOBY"Go"(12"/Mixed By Trentemöller/2006/Mute)
8)PETE SHELLY"Telephone Operator"(Ext. Version)
9)DEPECHE MODE"A Pain That I´m Used To"(12"/Jacques Lu Cont Dub/2005/Mute)
10)EUROPE"Unisexappeal"(Scratch Version)
11)MICHAEL JACKSON"Bad"(Ep/VA/"Disconauts Vol. 4"/Edits)
12)ARABEAT"Bingo!"(Mix Man 2 D.J.S)
13)SMOKEY ROINSON"Big Time"(12"/Edit)
14)SENTIMENTAL"Dance Action"(1986)
15)MARINKO ROKVIC"Zagonetko Moja"(Lp/"I Pijan I Trezan Za Tebe Sam Vezan"/1986)
16)FANTASY"(Hey Who´s Gotta)Funky Song"(Tini Rework)
17)IRAKERE"Cha Cha Cha"(Lp/"Chekere Son"/1979)
18)MUSIQUE"Keep On Jumpin"(Lp/1978/Prelude)
19)SILVER CONVENTION"Get Up And Boogie"(Long Version/1975)
20)DC Fontana"Meshkalina"(Afro Dub Mix/2011)
21)"Hollywood I"(Lp/VA/Disco Tracks)
22)FREDDIE MERCURY"Living On My Own"(Ulta Traxx)
23)FRANCIS LAI"Cross Country"(Lp/OST/"International Velvet"/1978)
24)DURAN DURAN"Girls On Film"(Black Scorpio 7 Mix)
25)BEVERLY JOHNSON"Under My Thumb"(Lp/"Don´t Lose The Feeling"/1979/Buddah)
26)ARCHIE BELL AND THE DRELLS"I Could Dance All Night"(Crystal Disko Edit)
27)CHOCOLA´S"Disco Roots"(12"/Remixed By M. Boncaldo/1979/Derby)
28)RU PAUL"Extravaganza"(12"/Club Mix/94/Tommy Boy)
29)OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN"Magic"(7"/1980/Jet)