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Sep. III

history in dance

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)JACKIE CARTER"Deja Vu"(Lp/"Ruby Shoes"/1979(GMG)
2)YOUNG&COMPANY"I Like(What Your Doing To Me)"(GR)
3)CARTE BLANCHE"Get Up On Your Feet"(12"/Long Ver./Red Bus)
4)PATTIE BROOKS"Party Girl"(Jackie Door Edit)
5)AKB"We Got Rhythmic Feet"(Lp/1979/RSO)
6)EBONY"Dont Boogie Mr. Tango"(Jackie Door Edit)
7)DENISE MC CANN"Falling In Love Again Suite"(Lp/"I Have A Destiny"/Medley/1979/Butterfly Records)
8)BONEY M"Daddy Cool"(Extended Version)
9)DAVE BRUBECK"Unsquere Dance"(Lp7VA/"Disco Raritäten")
10)QUINCY JONES"Stuff Like That"(Pete Le FreqEdit)
11)PENNY MC LEAN"Big Bad Boy"(Lp/"The Best Of"/78/Jupiter)
12)THE EASTERN GANG"Magic Eyes"/Jackie Door Edit)
13)PLAZZA SUITE"Joey´s Tune"(2xLp/VA/"Disco Love 2"/BBE)
14)TRAX"Crusader"(Jackie Door Edit)
15)JASON JUSTON JADE"(Disco)Hokey Pokey"(12"/Long Version/1979)
16)LESLIE O´HARA"Figaro Baby"(Lp/"Gipsy Boy"/78/Crocos)
17)ORIG. TRINIDAD STEEL BAND"Ride Your Pony"(12"/Long Version/1979)
18)MYSTIC TOUCH"Party People"(Jackie Door Edit)
19)EARTHA KITT"I WANT To Be Evil"(2xLp/"Songs"/1976)
20)MESSIER 39"Blender"(Mitra Mitra Cover)
21)RAFFAELLA CARRA"Sono Nera"(Lp/"Raffaella"/1978)
22)ISAAC HAYES"Feel Like Makin´Love"(Ep/"Greatest Hits")
23)HUGO FRIEDHOFER"Mondraki Bay"(Lp/OST/"Boy On A Dolphin")
24)BANAL ANML(Promo Showcase/21.10./AU)
"Dogs (Lick My Face)"
"Dusk Husk"
"Robot Sufari" from Mc "i-did-it-for-the-sound"