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Heartaches Away

History In Dance Music By Sirius&Darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)ELIS´S SECOND COMING"Eli´s Coming"(LP/1977/TK)
2)PLASTIC SUPRISE"Hot Nights"(Jackie Door Edit)
3)FAZE - O"Breakin´The Funk"(LP/1979)/Atlantic)
4)KONGAS"Jungle"(7"/English Version)
5)EROTIC DRUM BAND"Love Disco Style"(EP/VA/Long Version/1978/Unidisc)
6)GRACE JONES"Do Or Die"(19th Of May Edit)
7)FANIA ALL STARS"Los Bravos"(LP/"Cross Over"/1979)
8)LENORE O´MALLEY"First Be A Woman"(Dj S Bootleg)
9)CAROL JIANI"Get Up And Do It Again"(12"/Airwave Mix By Cucuzzella/1989)
11)VAN MC COY"The Hustle"(Long Version/1979)
12)D.D.SOUND"My Ballerina"(LP/"The Hotchie Cootchie"/1980/Baby-Strand)
13)SALLY DIGE"Holding On"(2017/Avant!)
14)ARTHUR FIEDLER AND BOSTON POP ORCH."Saturday Night Fever Medley"(LP/"Saturday Night Fiedler"/1979/Midsong)
15)ALEC R. COSTANDINOS"The Hunchback Of Notre Dame"(Jackie Door Edit)
16)ZOMBIE ZOMBIE"Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free"(12"/Original/2007/Versatile)
17)BOW WOW WOW"Aphrodisiac"(1983)
18)D.C.LA RUE"Overture"(LP/"The Tea Dance"/1976/Pyramid)
19)CAROLINE CRAWFORD"Coming On Strong"(Jackie Door Edit)