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Forget It Boy!

History Of Dance Music By Sirius&Darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

2)VA"Per Fin Es Viernes"(Megamix)
3)FUN FUN"Happy Station"(12"/Club Mix/1983)
4)CHIC"Le Freak"(Dj S Remix)
5)DIGITAL EMOTION"Dont Stop"(12"/Remixed By ED Smit/83/Break)
6)GREG KIHN BAND"Jeopardy"(Ext. Mean Fiddler Dubstrumental Rework)
7)JOE BATAAN AND THE MESTIZ O BAND"El Rap-O-Clap-O"(12"/Espanol Versión/BCM)
8)TAYLOR DAYNE"Tell It To My Heart"(12"/House Of Hearts Mix/1987)
9)TULLIO DE PISCOPO"Stop Bajon"(12"/Long Version/1984/Dum Dum)
10)JESSICA WILLIAMS"Queen Of Fools"(Glenn Rivera Videomix)
11)DIMENTION 5"The Message"(2xEP/"Alien Artform"/2000/Delsin)
12)DJ PIERRE"I´m A Freak"(12"/Pierre`s Club Mix/2003/Ovum)
13)FRONT 242"Body To Body"(LP/VA/"Electronic Body Music"/The 1988 Mix/Pias-Antler)
14)MERCI LA NUIT"L`aveu d`Herculine"(EP/2013/Spielzeug)
15)RHYTHMATIC"Wind Me Up feat. Mello D"(12"/1991/Network)
16)RUTH WATERS"Never Gonna Be The Same"(12"/Long Version/1979/Butterfly-Karma)
17)VA"Por Fines Viernes"(Megamix Vol.5)
18)ROD MC KUEN"Easy In"LP"Slide...Easy In"/1977)
19)FRANCIS LAI"Disco Bar"
20)USA/EUROPEAN CONNECTION"I´d Like To Get Closer/Do Me Good"(12"(Long V./79/TK)
21)SLICK"Put Your Pans On"(GR)
22)DEAD OR ALIVE"Wish You Were Here"/Absolute Nothing"(LP/"Sophisticated Boom Boom"/1984)
23)BLONDIE"Youth Nabbed As Sniper"(LP/"Plastic Letters"/1977)
24)DÖF"Love Me"(LP/1983/GIG)
25)PILOU"Ca Va!!"(1982)