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This is another broadcast featuring the Antarctic Biennale expedition which took place in March 2017. Within one year 12 editions of this expedition will be published on Radio Orange in the Space Specials featuring participants of this trip to the Antarctic Peninsula. The expedition was intiated by the Russian artist Alexander Ponomarev and curated by Nadim Samman.
Today’s Space Special portraits Juliana Cerqueira Leite, a Brazilian sculptor based in New York.

Cerqueira Leite was awarded the 2016 Furla Art Prize for her contribution to the 5th Moscow Young Art Biennale. She was one of eight artists chosen to represent Brazil in the 2014 Vancouver Biennial and has recently exhibited a monumental commission for Lustwarande 2015 in Tilburg, Holland.

Also featured in this broadcast is Antarctic Biennale Participant Shama Rahman, British singer-songwriter, sitarist, storyteller, performance artist, filmmaker and actress with her latest music album Truth to be told.