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Granny Takes A Trip

(Sixties RnB, Psychedelia and More)

From sixties bubblegum pop through r 'n b, psychedelic folk and straight up psychedelia, we open up a can of some lesser known songs by more famous bands and unknown songs by totally unknown bands. Weaving the threads of musical history and beckoning you into a gradren of delights, join us on a wonderful musical journey.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Al Stewart-The Elf
Eric Burdon and The Animals-Ring of Fire
Graham Bond-Freaky Beak
Synanthesia-Trafalgar Square
The Rainbow Press-The Lost Platoon
The Steve Miller Band-Sittin'In Circles
The Byrds-My Back Pages
The Ventures-Strawberry Fields Forever
The Lemon Pipers-Rice Is Nice
The Litter-For What It's Worth
The Purple Gang-Granny Takes a Trip
Thunderclap Newman-Open The Door, Homer
The Amboy Dukes-Down On Phillip's Escalator