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Sendung vom 25.12.2004 19:00:


New releases and many more to come in our 2 hours christmas special !!!

This time Ackee & Saltfish has the chance to entertain you 2 whole hours - yeah this time we are on air between 19:00 and 21:00 - and therefore be prepared for a lot of new releases!

A few highlights:
- General Degree - General (Size 8 Records)
- Mad Cobra - Words Of Warning (Heartbeat - Rough Trade)
- Stereotype Meets Al Haca - Phase Three (Klein Records)

In the second hour we have something special prepared for you - it's interview time:
Mono & Nikitaman + Caramelow Criminal
But we won't play only interviews but also parts of the concerts they played in Vienna (WUK & Flex) this year!

This all will be presented to you in the well known Ackee & Saltfish quality!
So don't miss our 2 hour holiday special on the 25th of December!!!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

PLAYLIST (first hour):
Stereotyp meets Al'Haca ft. Spectacular - Ghetto Rollin (Phase Three
Stereotyp meets Al'Haca ft. Hawkeye - Boss It (Phase Three /Klein
Tanto Metro&Devonte - Bad Mind - (Riddim Driven Phantom /VP)
Vybz Kartel - What U Want From Me - (Riddim Driven Phantom /VP)
Taz ft.Voicemail - Gangstas - (Riddim Driven Monster Cookie&Allo Allo
Elephant Man ft.jimmy Coizer - Waist Line - (Riddim Driven Monster
Cookie&Allo Allo /VP)
Red Fox - We Na Itch - (Riddim Driven Monster Cookie&Allo Allo /VP)
Degree ft. Richie Stephens - Fire Tonight (The General /Size 8 Records)
Degree - Do U Feel Alright (The General /Size 8 Records)
Degree - Soldier Girl (The General /Size 8 Records)
Mad Cobra ft. Yami Bolo - War Monger (Words Of Warning /Heartbeat
Mad Cobra - Pleasure Wall (Words Of Warning /Heartbeat (Rough Trade))
Sizzla - Stay In Tuine - (Life /Greensleeve)
Sizzla - Things Will Be Better - (Life /Greensleeve)
Sizzla - We Got The Love - (Life /Greensleeve)

PLAYLIST (second hour):
Caramelo Criminal - interview + parts of the concert
Mono & Nikitaman - interview + parts of the concert