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Starting off 2005 with a whole heap of new releases!

Yes, 2005 beginns with a heap of brandnew releases on Ackee & Saltfish...

* Check out new artist PERFECT and his hit-tune "Hand Cart Bwoy"... this one big inna JA (courtesy of DJRJ from Austin's Reggae Evolution... big up!).

* MICHAEL ROSE delivers a great album entitled "Babylon 9/11" on the LoveInjection-label... you gonna love this one for sure if you're into Waterhouse-style. Plus: Mr. Rose shows a softer side for a change, and it fits him very well.

* A re-release inna Rubadub-style: JAH BATTA's "Argument" on the Wackies-label. This one is serious early 80's stuff... boom bass!

* Old time come back again with the mighty BURNING SPEAR: Heartbeat Records just released a set entitled "Creation Rebel", featuring tunes the Spear recorded at Studio One... this one is essential Reggae-History!

* Discover a wicked, wicked new artist: ZION JUDAH. His album "Divine Creation" might no be the best of all productions... but hey, give the man a good producer and a proper label, and the world of Reggae has a new star for sure! Yes, the vocal delivery and the songwriting is that good... wicked!

* Since "Foundation Rockers" was released, the TWILIGHT CIRCUS DUB SOUND SYSTEM has become one of our favorite acts. Now here comes "Remixed: Dubwise" featuring a lot of tracks from the Foundation Rockers-album in a RMX-style. Means: Boom-shots, just the way we like it!

* We were in for a big surprise when hearing MIDNITE's new "Full Cup"-CD. Not much of a Reggae-release at all with all the chanting over slow HipHopish-beats! But hearing the album a couple of times, you really do begin to discover the beauty within. We guess it's more of a Vaughn Benjamin-solo-recording and has not much to do with Midnite as a band... but actually we can't tell you or give you any details, as the promo-copy from the Natural Vibes-label came unfortunatly without any cover/booklet/liner-notes... sorry!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Perfect - Hand Cart Bwoy (7" / Unknown label)
=> sound so nice, have to play it twice!
Luciano - Programme & Station ID
Michael Rose - Satan In The Valley (Babylon 9/11 / LoveInjection Rec.)
Michael Rose - A Good Thing (Babylon 9/11 / LoveInjection Rec.)
Michael Rose - Too Blessed (Babylon 9/11 / LoveInjection Rec.)
Prince Malachi - Programm & Station ID
Jah Batta - Mi Black (Argument / Wackie's Music)
Jah Batta - Argument (Argument / Wackie's Music)
Burning Spear - Door Peeper (Creation Rebel / Heartbeat Rec.)
Burning Spear - This Population (Creation Rebel / Heartbeat Rec.)
Patrice - Programme & Station ID
Zion Judah - Chant (Divine Creation / Mt. Zion Rec.)
Zion Judah - Divine Creation (Divine Creation / Mt. Zion Rec.)
Julian Marley - Programme & Station ID
TCDSS & Luciano - What We Got To Do (ZionTrain RMX) (Remixed: Dubwise / M Rec.)
TCDSS & Ranking Joe - Don't Follow Babylon (B&F RMX) (Remixed: Dubwise / M Rec.)
Duckie Simpson - Programme & Station ID
Midnite (A Midnite - Ras L Collaboration) - Money Mint (Full Cup / Natural Vibes)
Midnite (A Midnite - Ras L Collaboration) - Dey Ya (Full Cup / Natural Vibes)