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Roots Edition

New Release-Round Up: Midnite-I Grade, Jah Meek & House of Riddim

Yes folks, on this Roots-Edition of Ackee & Saltfish you're in for a treat, as we present some crucial new releases and pre-releases... but remember: you heard it first on Ackee & Saltfish, Austrias premier Reggae-show on Orange 94.0 FM !

Check out what we have in store for you:

I-Grade, the label that's responsible for releasing and distributing first-rate Roots-Reggae, has put out another excellent colaboration with Virgin Island's roots-sensation Midnite: "Let Live". This is a very well produced album that crosses the borders to other music-genres like R'n'B or even HipHop. Don't get me wrong: The roots are still there, but the musical horizon is much broader than on previous releases. Highly recommended... check for more info.

JAH MEEK: Touched By An Angel
You might know Jah Meek from his works with "Söhne Mannheims" or with Uwe Banton's "Movements", but now time is due for his first solo-album "Touched By An Angel" (release-date: February 2005). We don't have the album in hands yet, but luckily we're able to present you some tracks from it - like the stunning single "Everything Is Possible" in combination with Luciano. Watch out for Jah Meek... this man will make it big time when the album drops. Meanwhile, check for more information.

Oh yes, the House of Riddim is busy like never before: Not only did Sam Gilly's crew produce Jah Meek's new album, they have also created the fresh "Burning"- and "Peace"-riddims. Hear selections on both riddims first here on Ackee & Saltfish - featuring Anthony B, Julian Levy, Jahcoustix and many more. Wicked tunes, excellent production is all we can say... all hands up for the mighty House of Riddim!!!

See the House of Riddim live @ the Dub Club/Flex on January 17th... feat. Jahcoustix, El Condorsito, Thai Stylee and Julian Levy.

For more info on the House of Riddim, go to

That's it for this time, folks... nah, not really: Check out Damian Marley's current 7 Inch "Welcome To Jamrock" on this Roots-Edition of Ackee & Saltfish!

Can't say you've never been warned, can you?

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Jah Meek - Roll Call (7 Inch / VelocitySounds Rec.)
House Of Riddim - Babylon Files Version (House Of Riddim Exclusive)
Patrice - Programme & Station ID
Damian Marley – Welcome To Jamrock (7 Inch / Ghetto Youth United Rec.)
Jah Meek - Crazy World (Pre-Release / Touched By An Angel / VelocitySounds Rec. )
Julian Marley - Programme & Station ID

BURNING-RIDDIM Version Excursion
Bobby Buster & Ill Inspecta - Heartis' (House Of Riddim Exclusive)
Julian Levy - Cyan Put A Good Man Down (House Of Riddim Exclusive)
Jahcoustix - The Cure (House Of Riddim Exclusive)

Luciano - Programme & Station ID

PEACE-RIDDIM Version Excursion
Anthony B feat. Iriepathie - One Love (House Of Riddim Exclusive)
Julian Levy - Tell Me Why (House Of Riddim Exclusive)
Lyrics Factory - Low The War (House Of Riddim Exclusive)

Prince Malachi - Programm & Station ID
Capleton - That Day Will Come (Reign Of Fire / VP Rec.)
Bascom X - Lonely Girl (Strictly The Best 32 / VP Rec.)
Jah Meek feat. Luciano - Everything Is Possible (7 Inch / VelocitySounds Rec.)
Duckie Simpson - Programme & Station ID
Midnite-I Grade - All My Life (Let Live / I Grade Rec.)
Midnite-I Grade - Closed Societies (Let Live / I Grade Rec.)
Midnite-I Grade - Fighting For Her (Let Live / I Grade Rec.)