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Sendung vom 22.01.2005 19:00:

Dancehall Edition

32 Artists -> 14 Riddims -> 1 Dancehall-Edition

This time we will present you a really full packed hour of Ackee & Saltfish!!!

We will present to you a great amount of riddims, such as Drop Leaf, Zero Tolerance, Military and Nine Eleven.

But if you think we will have so many riddims in the next show, be prepared for even more artists.
Artists who will be featured are Sizzla, Morgan Heritage, Luciano, Richie Spice, Vybz Kartel, Junior Kelly, Turbulence, Lady Saw, Chuck Fender, Beenie Man, Mad Cobra, Jagwa and many, many, many more!!!

So be ready and listen up because missing is not an option!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:


Luciano – For The Leaders (Drop Leaf Riddim / Don Corleon Label)
Morgan Heritage – Your Best Friend (Drop Leaf Riddim / Don Corleon Label)
Junior Kelly – Do Good (Nine Eleven Riddim / Lion Paw Label)
Turbulence –I Will Survive (Nine Eleven Riddim / Lion Paw Label)
Lexxus – Big Up, Big Up (Zero tolerance-Rhythm Album #24 / Greensleeve)
Sizzla – Grab On (Zero Toerance-Rythm Album #24 / Greensleeve)
Brick & Lace – Swot (Military Riddim / Echo Label)
Lady Saw – Pound Fi Pound (Military Riddim / Echo Label)
Beenie Man feat. Martina – Real Gangstas (Anger Management Riddim / Daseca)
Zumjay – Meant To Be Superstars (Anger Management Riddim / Daseca)
Jagwa – Mek Gal Bawl (Anger Management Riddim / Daseca)
Chuck Fender – Who Would It Be (Riddim Rider Vol.18-Baby Love / Charm-Jet Star)
Mad Cobra – One Ting (Riddim Rider Vol.18-Baby Love / Charm-Jet Star)
Alozade & Hollow Point & Mr. Vegas - Under Mi Sensi (Clappas-Rhythm Album #35 / Greensleeve)
Beenie Man & T.O.K - Bring It On (Clappas-Rhythm Album #35 / Greensleeve)
Tanya Stephens - It's About time (Clappas-Rhythm Album #35 / Greensleeve)
T.O.K - Gal You A Lead (Riddim Driven-Wanted / VP)
Bounty Killer - Mr. Wuk More (Riddim Driven-Wanted / VP)
Cecile & Lady Saw - Loser (Riddim Driven-Thrilla / VP)
Macka Diamond - Done A Ready (Riddim Driven-Thrilla / VP)
Danny Englisch - All About Us (Riddim Driven-Striptease / VP)
Zumjay - Hype Pan A Gal (Riddim Driven-Striptease / VP)
Ward 21 & Wayne Marshall (Riddim Driven-Striptease / VP)
Elephant Man - Rah Rah (Riddim Driven-Wanted / VP)
Vybz Kartel - Push It In (Riddim Driven-Wanted / VP)