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Roots Edition

More Roots u want... more Roots u get!

Welcome to another Roots-Edition of Ackee & Saltfish!

This time we present some of our current favorites from Africa Unite, Groundation, Richie Spice, Mikey General to name a few. Plus, fresh releases from:

Yes folks... the Kingston Ladies are none other than Pam Hall, Lebba Hibbert and Keisha Patterson, and they got together to record this great album of classics in an all-female-vocal-trio-style. Strong vocals over classically arranged live-backing that is! If you like classics like the Wailer's "Wisdom", Mr. Isaacs "Number One" or Althea & Donna's "Uptown Top Ranking", you gonna love this CD. For more infos, pls. go to:

Second spotlight on the man called Zion Judah, as his debut-album, "Divine Creation", is just too good to be featured only once here. Great songwriting and strong vocal delivery makes this one a stand-out amongst all the debuts we've been presenting here in the last couple of months. Do yourself a favor and check out for more infos about this talented man.

Silvanus, the man responsible for Mounia Sahara's debut-album, has released a single as a solo-artist entitled "Talk To Jah", an album with the same title will be out soon! For more infos, pls. check

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Africa Unite - La Storia (Mentre Fuori Piove / Universal)
Africa Unite - La Storia Dub (Mentre Fuori Piove / Universal)
Luciano - Programme & Station ID
Groundation - Praising (We Free Again / Nocturne Rec.)
Duckie Simpson - Programme & Station ID
Mikey General - Red, Green & Gold (Red, Green & Gold / VP Rec.)
Richie Spice - Fake Smile (Spice In Your Life / Nocturne Rec.)
Zion Judah - Divine Creation (Divine Creation / Mt. Zion Rec.)
Julian Marley - Programme & Station ID
Zion Judah - Chant (Divine Creation / Mt. Zion Rec.)
Zion Judah - Oh Jah (Divine Creation / Mt. Zion Rec.)
Patrice - Programme & Station ID
Kingston Ladies - Lonely Days (Ladies' Turn / Passage Rec.)
Kingston Ladies - Magic (Ladies' Turn / Passage Rec.)
Kingston Ladies - Wisdom (Ladies' Turn / Passage Rec.)
Prince Malachi - Programm & Station ID
Silvanus - Talk To Jah (Radio Mix) (CD-Single / Silverglobe Rec.)
Silvanus - Dub To Jah (CD-Single / Silverglobe Rec.)