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Roots Edition

New Releases Galore

Yes folks, another Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish with reviews of new releases and re-releases. This time we feature VP's "Universal Message Vol. 3"-Compilation, Audrey Gordon's "...Still Waiting"-debut, the hot-off-the-press "See Mi Yah"-riddim and the first of three absolutly crucial re-releases from legendary singer and instrumentalist Leroy Sibbles.

Leroy Sibbles is truly a legend in Reggae music - not only is he an incredible singer (solo and with the Heptones) and songwriter, as a musician he also created some of the best-known heavyweight bass-lines in Reggae-history. He influenced Reggae since his days at Studio One, recorded x-amount of classics as a member of the vocal-trio "The Heptones" and managed to keep up a successful solo-carreer throughout the 80's and 90's up to this very day. Now, for the first time on CD, Mr. Sibbles re-released three hard-to-find gems from his catalogue: "Now", "Strictly Roots" and "On Top". In this and the next two Roots Editions of "Ackee & Saltfish" we will feature each one of those three productions from the early 80's. Starting off with the great "Now"-set from 1980, we guarantee you: This is Reggae at it's very best, a must-have. The re-releases are not available in any shop; they can only be ordered from the artist himself ( and from

There you go... VP Records is at it again: Their successful "Universal Message"-series continues with a Vol. 3. If you want to keep up with the runnings in the Roots-scene and want a compilation with simply the best current Roots music, this is the album to buy. Satisfaction guaranteed, available at any shop. For more info, pls. go to:

This one's hot off the press, Ladies & Gentlemen. A one-riddim album from Berlin's Rhythm & Sound, featuring Willie Williams, Sugar Minott, Joseph Cotton and many more. Be aware, this is a very special sound: Imagine heavy, heavy roots sounds, computer generated (so to say). We love it, because the Roots-vibe definetly is there... boom-bass!!! More info available at:

Great debut from a singer firmly rooted within her christian faith. We were very interested in hearing more from Audrey when we discovered her tune "Hide Away" on the "Unity Riddim Sessions Vol. 1"-compilation... and her debut-album "...Still Waiting" did not disappoint at all. With multi-instrumentalist Jah Servant providing the backings tracks, Audrey shines on each and every tune. That's what we call a winning combination. For more info on Audrey Gordon, pls. go to:

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

China & Anthony Horton - Jah Jah (Heartaches & Pain / Total Satisfaction Rec.)
David Ondrick - Tribute (Heartaches & Pain / Total Satisfaction Rec.)
Luciano - Programme & Station ID
Luciano - Give Praise (Universal Message Vol. 3 / VP Rec.)
Morgan Heritage - Uncomfortable (Universal Message Vol. 3 / VP Rec.)
Richie Spice - Earth A Run Red (Spice In Your Life / 5th Element Rec.)
Jah Cure - Jah Bless Me (Universal Message Vol. 3 / VP Rec.)
Prince Malachi - Programm & Station ID
Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Yah (Willi Williams) (See Mi Yah / Burial Mix)
Rhythm & Sound - Dem Never Know (Jah Cotton) (See Mi Yah / Burial Mix)
Duckie Simpson - Programme & Station ID
Leroy Sibbles - Blood In The Streets (Now / Micron-Eppic Rec.)
Leroy Sibbles - The System (Now / Micron-Eppic Rec.)
Patrice - Programme & Station ID
Leroy Sibbles - Praise Fari (Now / Micron-Eppic Rec.)
Leroy Sibbles - Singerman (Now / Micron-Eppic Rec.)
Julian Marley - Programme & Station ID
Audrey Gordon - Radical One (... Still Waiting / Audrey Gordon)
Audrey Gordon - Lord You're Good (... Still Waiting / Audrey Gordon)
Audrey Gordon - I Praise You (... Still Waiting / Audrey Gordon)
Audrey Gordon - I Praise You Talkover (... Still Waiting / Audrey Gordon)