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Sendung vom 23.04.2005 19:00:

Dancehall Edition

Big PATRICE Special!!!

Although he isn't really a Dancehall-Artist, this show is definitly dedicated to PATRICE!

In March Ackee & Saltfish had the chance to talk to Patrice about his life, his new album, his band and many other interesting topics. So it is a great posibility for you to get to know one of the best artists from Germany. We will present you the complete Interview and to get you in the right mood for the concert in the Arena on the 26th of April, we have his new album "Nile", which will be released on the 25th of April, for you. So you get to hear it first in our show!

Besides this big highlight we will introduce you to two other german artists.
We will present you Kimoe's first EP "Ein Neuer Morgen" and Lex Parka's first album "Lex".

We will also take a look back and talk about Anthony B.'s great performace on Tuesday.

So once again we have planned an extraordinary show - you shouldn't miss it by any costs!!!