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Feb vol 3

History Of Dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

DURAN DURAN"Save A Prayer"(Special Ext. Version)
LILAC NATION"I Wanna Be Superman"(12"/Long Version/1979)
M"Moderne Man/Satisfy Your Lust"(LP/"New York, London, Paris, Munich"/1979/Platinum)
"Dance In A Daze"(EP/VA/Magick Edit Allstars)
VA"Summerclassics Vol.2"(Paul Dakeyne Mix/1985/DMC)
DIE SKEPTIKER"Deutschland Halts Maul!"
LOVE CHILDS AFRO CUBAN BLUES BAND"Oye Como Va"(12"/Long Version/1977/Midsong)
VILLAGE PEOPLE"Y.M.C.A."(Extended Fab Mix)
DEBORA WASHINGTON"Boogie Baby"(LP/Love Awaits"/1979)
SISTER SLEDGE"Megasisters"(Alan Coulthard Megamix/DMC)
LIZ TORRES"If U Keep It Up"(12"/Clivilles And Cole Mix/1990)
VA"Stop That Perfect Beat"(Megamixer Mike Gray/DMC)
CHERYL LYNN"In The Night"(LP/1981)
ARMY OF LOVERS"Crucified"(12"/The Nuzak Remix/1991)
BEE GEES"You Should Be Dancing"(Darkover Remix)
LOVE REVOLUTION"I Feel It"(2x12"/Elixirvitae"/1992/Network)
LOS ALEGRES"Disco Conga"(1981)
CRYPTON"Galaxy Drive"(1982)
MBT SOUL"My Green Light"(LP/1977)
EMLY STAAR"Cha - Cha Damore"(1977)
PHATS&SMALL"Tonight"(12"/Original Mix/1999/Multiply)
PARADOX OBSCUR"En Hancer"(LP/2017/Y&C)
TITAN"Corazon"(12"/Scanty Sandich Mix/2000/Tombola!)
GEORGE BENSON"Give Me The Night"(Ext. Gimme The Night Dj PP Edit)
ECSTASY, PASSION AND PAIN"Ask Me"(Split 12"/Mr. K Re - Work/Disco Juice)
RELEVATION"Stand Up"(Underdog Edit 10)