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Histroy Of Dance Music

By Sirius&Darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

TOM JONES"Don´t Cry For Me Argentinia"(LP/"Rescue Me"/1979)
DIMANN MOORE"What Do You Want?"(12"/Club Mix/1996/TribalUS)
SHEILA B.DEVOTION"You Light My Fire"(12"/Long V./1979)
KAREN YOUNG"Hot Shot"(12"/Long Version/1978/WestEnd)
KAREN YOUNG"Baby You Ain´t Nothing Without Me"(LP-Version/1978)
BONEY M."Daddy Cool"(Edits/A2/WhiteLabel)
FESTIVAL"Don´t Cry For Me Argentinia"(12"/VA/Viva Buenos Aires Edit By Stephen L.Freeman/HotTracks)
DONNA SUMMER"I Remember Yesterday/Love´s Unkind"(LP/1977/Casablanca)
"Soft Rocks"(EP/"Chocolate Love 1"/B2/SRCL)
AC FAX"Eventide"(2xLP/VA/"Warehouse Raves 2"/Rumour)
SWITCH"Honey I Love You"(LP/"Reaching For Tomorrow"/1980/Gordy-Motown)
RAPINATION & KYM MAZELLE"Love Me The Right Way"(12"/D.T.´s
On Planet Twilo Mix/Logic)
"Tainted Binary"(EP/VA/Majestys Pleasure)
PAMALA STANLEY"That Will Be The Day"(GR)
COATI MUNDI"I Say Hey"(LP/"The Former 12 Year Old Genius"/1983)
"Ole Elo"(Megamix/Black Wax)
CREAMS"Sin"(Official Version/2016)
MODERN EON"Watching The Dancers"(LP/Fiction Tales"/1981/DinDisc)
OMAR SOULEYMAN"Wenu Wenu"(Offical Audio)
HALLELUJAH 2000(12"/Long Vocal Version/1979/Casablanca)
DALIDA & ALAIN DELON"Paroles Paroles"(2 French Guys Remix)
PAULA JONES"These Boots Are Made For Walking"(LP/VA/"Music Of Quality And Distinction Vol. 1"/1982/BEF)
JEFFREY OSBORNE"Stay With Me Tonight"(GR)
CHOCOLATS"Brasilia Carnaval"(2xLP/"Collection Vol. 1"/Clever)
EARTH WIND & FIRE"Megamix"(A Dakeyne Rmx/DMC)
MODERN ENGLISH"After The Show"(LP/1982/4 AD)
CHIS & COSEY"Visions Love"