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Sep. II

History In Dance Music

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

GLAM FT. PETE BURNS"Sex Drive"(Linn Lovers Hit´n Run Ext./2014)
NEXT PHASE FT. HELEN BRUNER&TARRY JONES"I Aint Got Time"(12"/Nelson´s Time Out Dub/SubUrban)
AA.VV."Made In Sweden"(Mixed By The Boogieman/1982)
VA"Old Night At Studio 54 Vol.2"(12"/A Mix/Perfect Song)
KISS"Detroit Rock City"(ext. Fab Mix)
MIKE OLDFIED"Guilty"(12"/Long Version/1979)
THEO VANESS"As Long As Its Love"(GR)
BLAKE BAXTER"Touch Me"(12" - Original Mix/1994/Logic)
Ill Winds"Following"(EP/2012/Noise Köln Not Not Fun)
GROOVE COMMITTEE FT. TRACY BRATHWAITE"Love To Live"(12"/Orignal Mix/Unkwn Records)
MFSB"Love Is The Message"(Dj S Remix)
FINAL CUT"I Told You Not To Stop"(12"/L.P.Version/1989/FullEffect)
ISAAC HAYES"Groove -A- Thon"(LP/1976/Hot Buttered Soul)
BREAK MACHINE"Break Dance Party"(Ext. Fab Mix)
TEDDY PENDERGRASS"Life Is A Circle"(12"/Special Disco Version/1979/Philadelphia International)
PEGGY LEE"Is That All There Is"(1976)
GARY NUMAN"We Are So Fragile"(LP/"Living Ornaments"/1979/Beggars Banquet)
VALERIE DORE"Get Closer"(Gerd Janson Edit)
THE DANCE"Personal Grooves"(LP/"In Lust"/1981/Statik)
MADONNA"Like A Virgin"(Ext. Fab Mix)
SOFT CELL"Soul Inside"(12"/Long Version/1983)
JOHNNY M5"Space Wanderer"(Ext. Mix)
GÜNTER NORIS UND SEINE BIG BAND"Schmetterlings Samba"(LP/"Gala"/1991)
VA"10 Minutes Of Disco"(Mixed By Dj S)
ELEKTROFUNK"In My Mind"(LP/"Starlight"/2000)