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Oct. IV

History in dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

THELMA HOUSTON"Before There Could Be Me"(LP/"Breakwater Cat"/1980)
THE COMMODORS"Brick House"(Lost 12" Version)
RETTORE"Delirio"(LP/"Magnifico Delirio"/1980/Strand)
DEAD OR ALIVE"You Spin Me Round(Like A Record)"(Club Mix)
"If U Want It..."(12"/Main Room Dub/Recycle)
THE AGNES CIRCLE"Porcelain"(Offcial Video Version)
JENNIFER LEE"Coming Out Of Hiding"(12"/1984/Dance-sing)
SPYDER D."Smerphies Dance"(1982)
THE REDDINGS"Funkin On The One"(LP/"The Awakening"/1980)
LANA PELLAY"I Can Make A Man Out Of Youi"(Orig. 12" Version)
RIGHT DIRECTION"Midnight Rhythm"(12"/Simbad Mix/Past Due)
MICHAEL JACKSON"Beat It"(Lost 12" Version)
NORMA LEWIS"Maybe This Time"(12"/Hi - NRG Mix/1983/ERC)
KATE BUSH"Heads Were Dancing"(LP/"The Sensual World"/1989)
RHYTHM HERITAGE"Theme From S.W.A.T."(LP/"Disco-Fied"/1976/ABC)
BONEY M"Gotta Go Home"(Ext. FGGK Version)
MENTALINSTRUM FT. GIANT STORM"(12"/200 West Dub Mix/1995/King Street)
CAMAROS GANG"Fuerza Major"(1985)
DEPECHE MODE"Policy Of Truth"(LP/"Violator"/1990/Mute)
PORCELAIN HIP"We Eat Like Dogs"(Darktunes Edit)
BLACK SPIDER CLAN"Deadline At Dawn"(EP/VA/"Venus Noir"/2008)
RUINS"Fire"(LP/"The Art Of Dance"/Orig. 81/84/MW Rerelease)
ERNIE WATTS"Just Holdin On"(12"/1980)
MACHINE DE BEAUVOIR"Davon Geht Die Welt Nicht Unter"(2010)
VOOM VOOM"Best Friend(12"/Henrik Schwarz Mix/2007/G Stone)
MADLEEN KANE"Fire In Your Heart"(Ext. Disco Club Edit)
UNITY(12"/Raw Mix/1991/Cardiac)
MARLENE DIETRICH"Wenn Ich Mir Was Wünschen Dürfte"