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Dec. II Signale 18

Signale 18 Musik Politisch Machen

SIGNALE 18 – Musik politisch machen.
Workshops & Konzerte am 19.12. Arena Wien.
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Femme DMC und Christiane Rösiner Johann R. im gespräch mit Dj Jomama & Gast (Femme DMC) Eventinfos
Im Anschluß 2 "History In Dancemusic" - Set´s von Dj Sirius

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

LIZA MINNELLI"Just You, Just Me"(2xLP/OST/"New York, New York"/1977)
NIGHTLIFE UNLIMITED"Disco Choo Choo"(12"/Mixed By Howard Merit/1979/Unidisc)
GAYLE ADAMS"Love Fever"(Mottes Re Blend Edit)
FOTO"No Protection"(EP/"The Array Vol 1"/2009/Nang Records)
CAROLINE LOEB"C´est La Ooate"(Longue Version Fab Mix)
EDDIE CHEEBA"Lookin Good"(EP/VA/"Soul OF Disco Sampler"/ZRecord)
BT EXPRESS"Peace Pipe"(Kays Smoked Out Rework)
THE WALTER MURPHY BAND"Midnight Express"(LP/"A Fifth Of Beethoven"/1976/Private Stock)
MR. Q"Party Party"(Ext. Rework The Owl Edit)
ONE WAY"Hold It"(LP/"Fancy Dancer"/1981)
SAMBA SOUL"Im In You"(12"/Long Version/1978)
JOY FLEMING"Bridge Of Love"(Engl. Version/1975)
LALO SCHIFRIN"Turning Point"(LP/"Black Widow"/1976/CTI)
BLONDIE"Rapture"(Special Long Version)
THE SAL SOUL ORCHESTRA"Somebody To Love"(LP/"Street Sense"/1979)
AAVV"Stargroove"(Medley Vol. 2)
SATIN DREAM"Stay Away From My Lover"(12"/Mixed By Sal Rodriguez&Ray Daniels/1982/Ramshorn)
NOEL"Dancing Is Dangerous"(GR)
MADONNA"Material Girl"(12"/Jellybean Dance Remix/1985)
MIRAGE"Mirage In The Space"(Dj Mauro/1983)
SHADOW PROJECT"Under Your Wing"(LP/1991/Triple X)
FLASH AND THE PAN"Captain Beware"(LP/"Pan Orama"/1983)
T.J.M."I Dont Need No Music"(Imfromull Edit)
CLAUDIA FIELD"The Son Of Hickory Hollers Tramp"(LP/VA/"To The Music Hit"/1978)
JOHN ROBIE"Vena Cava"(Long Version/1982/Disconet)